Perfumes: All Good Scents for Him and Her

Evoke for femme and Urbane Nights for homme

Pixlr_20150225155341936Words: Ambica Gulati

Scent of a woman or a man—fragrance is a compelling, magnetic force. It is a statement. And that statement defines us. Sometimes it’s a mix of many fragrances which help us make that statement. So getting ready for a movie and a dinner, I thought Evoke would be a nice statement because I was just wearing trousers and a normal shirt. And it turned out that others thought so too. When I sprayed it, I just caught the little dry vanilla fragrance. But as it settled on my wrists, vanilla turned into a heady blackcurrent and jasmine with the coolness of sandalwood. And then I figured that it had Lily of the Valley, Green Notes, Bergamot, White Flowers and Tonka Beans too. Soft and light, it would work well with any age group—from the teens to the mature ones.

As the movie progressed, the fragrance kept changing and though it did grow lighter, it didn’t vanish. In fact, even through dinner I could feel it weaving its way around me. The conclusion I came to—Evoke works for a date, party, with friends, family, boyfriend, office formal affairs, all special occasions and even if you are feeling low. Spray it on and pamper yourself anytime, anywhere.

Since Evoke worked for me, I thought Urbane Nights should work for my friend too. Urbane Nights began with a woody fragrance. It is neither strong, nor mild, just the right balance and you need to spray only a little. It’s one of those scents ideal for an outdoor party. It would keep your man smelling good even under the sun. I think it would also suit the age group between 22-42. The Amber gives it strength but Peppermint gives it that freshness. And it’s an exotic fragrant mix of Grapefruit, Mandarine, Cinnamon, Rose Absolute, Spices, Patchouli and Blond Leather. So it’s a man’s statement to say he’s loving, strong and sexy.

What’s interesting is that All Good Scents has been created by an Indian—Rajiv Sheth, who spent 16 years in creating exotic fragrances in Paris. He was awarded the secnd prize for ‘The International Young Perfumer Creator Award’ in Paris in 2000. Priced at Rs 750 onwards, the range is available on

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