Menu of the day at Sufra, Amman. Jordan

Roaming around in Amman, Jordan

P_20160511_091618The colours of the capital caught while exploring the streets in the downtown area, seeing the royal cars and enjoying eating out at Rainbow Street.

Words, pictures : Ambica Gulati

Given that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a monarchy, it very much functions like a democratic country. You can shop on trinkets such as evil eye, carry home bracelets worn by the bedouin or even dresses they like, buy some nuts and eat them as you walk around. The wholesale market in downtown is where the locals spend their mornings buying, haggling over fresh fruits and vegetables or taking their stock of spices.

Jordan shares the monarchy status with Kingdom of Bahrain, State of Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, State of Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates in the middle eastern region. And the king’s cars are worth a dekko in the Royal Automobile Museum.

And when the night is still young, the place to walk around and dine out is Rainbow Street. It offers all kinds of dine out spaces, some on the pavement and others in air-conditioned spaces. We dined at Sufra, but after walking through street buzzing with music, flashy cars, families and friends, some smoking the hookah in the many cafes around. And there’s ice cream, chai, spice rickshaw, perfumery, clothes, falafel and more.

Flying to Jordan
IMG_20160516_170251Air Arabia has flights from different cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

It’s better to book your flight in advance for the airline offers cheap packages.

You can buy your meals in the plane or state your preference at the time of booking.

Visa on arrival for Indians costs 40JD.

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