final look after using mythic oil

3 Hair Care Treatments That We Tried In Delhi

While trotting around the globe, hair needs special care. Here are some ways of preventing damage to your hair

  1. Adding Smartbond by L’Oréal  to Your Hair Color
smartbond by L'Oreal

Color companies keep bringing out an exciting range that adds a glam quotient to your hair. While hair color does help cover grey hair or give a different look to the face, it’s equally important to keep it healthy. Smartbond by L’Oreal promises to do exactly that.

Smartbond protects and strengthens the hair. It targets the weaker parts of the hair bond to strengthen and keep the bond intact. This helps in:

  • Lifting or adding a sheen to the color
  • Strengthening the hair fibres
  • Hair feels smoother, soft and has a shine
  • It looks healthier and is revitalized

Steps are simple and there is no additional time involved.

  • It is first added to the color while applying.
  • Then, Smartbond is applied as a pre-shampoo, left for 10 minutes and rinsed off.

This treatment is available in select salons which offer L’Oréal l service.

2. GK Hair Keratin

Dust, grime, fatigue, bad eating habits or unhealthy food, can lead to frizzy and dry hair. In these cases, keratin helps get the shine back and brings the hair back to life.

Keratin nourishes the hair with proteins; protects and strengthens it too. The difference in keratin by GK Hair is the chemical composition and the addition of juvexin. This is an amino acid which is obtained from wool. GK Hair procures it from the sheep in New Zealand as the quality is good. Why juvexin? This amino acid is the same that is found in human hair and helps nourish it. The immediate result is straightened, smooth hair with less breakage.

Keratin result

The Steps

  • A special shampoo is lathered and left on the hair for five minutes.
  • Then the keratin is put in. It is left for 30 minutes.
  • Then the hair is ironed out, ensuring that every bit of it goes in.
  • The entire process takes 120-180 minutes.

After Keratin Care

With good care, the effects last for close to three months. The company advises two washes a week. There is a special shampoo, conditioner and serum kit too. If one doesn’t wish to go for another round, then taking a deep conditioning treatment helps for another 6-8 washes. Avoid sulphur-based shampoos.

Keep In Mind

  • Best to get the entire hair coloring done before the treatment.
  • But if this doesn’t happen, root touch-up can be done after three days.
  • Global hair color after 15 days.
  • Do not oil your hair for 15 days. After that, only oil the scalp.
  • Available at all high-end salons across India.

3. Hair Care by L’Oréal

mythic oil mask

From Pro Fiber to Mythic Oil, the French beauty giant has professional solutions for all kinds of hair—from the extremely damaged to the little ones which need regular care. Pro Fiber helps with dry and damaged hair. Different colors are used to denote different conditions-pink packaging is to rectify, blue one for restore and purple one for reconstruct. Mythic oil has argan, avocado and black cumin oils.

Final look after mythic oil treatment


  • The scalp is checked with a machine. The hair can be seen on the screen.
  • If just strengthening and cleansing is needed, then Mythic Oil works best.
  • For damaged hair, Pro Fiber is recommended.
  • Treatment takes around 50-60 minutes.
mythic oil protective serum


  • Clear Dose was put on the scalp for 10 minutes and then shampooed.
  • Then the mythic oil mask was put on wet hair. It was left for five minutes and then the hair was rinsed.
  • After that before blow drying, a serum was used to protect the hair from the hot air.
  • The end result was a shine and healthy hair. The treatment needs to be repeated monthly.

19 thoughts on “3 Hair Care Treatments That We Tried In Delhi

  1. This is a detailed review, I want to try out this Smartbond. I believe it will take care of the fizzy hair problem and will lend the bounce back. Monsoon times, do ask for some kind of hair treatment. Thanks for the recommendations.


  2. While i have had an experience with Keratin treatment ; Smartbond is something new& i wish to give my tresses the experience of it.
    And good health hair is every one’s primary concern & im glad to have found apt recommendations


  3. Hair care especially after treatment is important. So it’s necessary that we get treatment from a renowned place. Great write up


  4. Hair care especially after treatment is important. So it’s necessary that we get treatment from a renowned place. Great write up


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