Krishna Kamal, inspired by the lotus flower, candle stand

5 stores in India for beautiful gifts & souvenirs

Take home the best of fashion, beauty and décor items from the Indian sub-continent, known for its diverse range of handicrafts

(This list is based word of mouth recommendations and personal experiences; all photographs shared by store or taken from official sites)

1. Craft House, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, New Delhi

collection of Pashmina, Potli Bag & Jewellery from Craft House, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa

A 5-star hotel for your stay, dining-wining and shopping the finest products made in India. Loacted within the premises, Craft House offers a wide variety, from luxurious clothing to Ayurvedic beauty products, traditional décor items, trinkets and more. Utilizing the best of materials from softest silk to the finest pashmina and precious metals and stones, the range of contemporary lifestyle products are handcrafted by Indian artisans and craftsmen.

Explore the latest capes, suits, kurtis, palazzos, skirts, saris and more in this store There is exclusive and exquisite statement Indian jewellery consisting of precious and semi-precious jewels set in gold, silver and mixed metal. Merchandise made from silk and other fine materials such as scarves, tasseled stoles, and designer accessories like bags, footwear and bangles also make for tasteful gifts.

In addition, Craft House also has handwoven Shahmina and Pashmina shawls, stoles and mufflers in an array of weaves, colours, embroidery and prints. It also features an array of teas hand-picked fresh from the tea gardens in Darjeeling and Assam, neoVeda Home Spa collection including beauty enhancement products based on the principles Ayurveda, and unique lifestyle products such as home décor range, objet d’art etc.

2. India Circus, Mumbai

India Circus cushions

From home decor to personal accessories, dining, furniture, the artful pieces are designed by Krisnna Mehta. They draw inspiration from Mughal Royalty as well as roadside chai. The focus is to transcribe the colorful Indian experience into a contemporary and sophisticated style. From luminescent lamps to totes a la mode, the pieces have a nuance of heritage.

Krsnaa Mehta has been associated with brands such as Godrej, Good Earth, The Elephant Company, Bombay Store, Celio and renowned lifestyle brands in India. For Krsnaa Mehta, the design philosophy translates into “Taking Indian Contemporary to the World”.  

3. AnanTaya, Jaipur

Anantaya_Roopdarshini mirror

A lifestyle design studio by Ayush Kasliwal (designer) and Geetanjali Kasliwal (architect), this is located in the pink city, famed for its royal lineage. Committed to the development of innovative ideas while preserving ancient crafts, the design studio has a range of home décor, tableware, textiles and accessories, lighting, furniture.

4. Eartthry

Jamevaar Candle stand, Eartthry

Keeping the 300-year-old handicrafts legacy alive, this online store by Vasundhara Kumar recreates and redesigns handicrafts into unique homeware items such as candles, candle stands, cushions, handwoven baskets and more. Each collection tells the story of its origin.

Jamevaar has been inspired by the Mughal Dynasty—a confluence of Persian and Indian art. The palaces during the Mughal era were a beautiful synthesis of perfect craftsmanship and draw inspirations from Indo-Persian traditions. This collection is a reflection of that flawless amalgamation of two cultures. The fine enamel etched upon the metal candle stand is an immaculate representation of the Jamewar shawl and its Byzantine weave.

Traced back to 2nd century A.D., Rattan work in India is characterized by comfort, durability and aesthetic appeal. The Palmea Collection of baskets amalgamates this ancient handmade technique along with art-deco style aesthetics. The Rattan work lends a modern and offbeat look to the design while the hand tufts bring in Colonial vibes.

Inspired by the divine flower mentioned in the Mahabharata is the collection of candle stands-Krishna Kamal. It is said that the five petals of the flower indicate the Pandavas; the inner petals are the Kauravas and the inner golden coronet is the Sudarshan Chakra.

Bon Vivant, a collection inspired by the good French lifestyle, is the perfect blend of chic and contemporary glassware. Inspired by rustic alcoves and dense bosacages, the wooden Boscage Collection is a tribute to the moors of England. The Ubud Collection reflects the story Bali’s flea markets, a mélange of customs, traditions, colours and boho vibes.

5. Indian Artisans Studio, Noida

Indian artisans studio

This store has intricately crafted furniture, hand-carved tableware, sophisticated home décor items and more. An environment-conscious store, the products are handcrafted from carefully sourced natural materials and finished to last a long time.

You can share with us your views and also your recommendations.


12 thoughts on “5 stores in India for beautiful gifts & souvenirs

  1. I am a big handicraft fan. I think, checking out the ones in Mumbai and Noida can be on my list in my next India trip. I like Jaipuri crafts too but it wont be possible to visit in the short duration.

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  2. I general I am not that shopaholic in life and thanks am not one because majority of my friends I found up buying things unwanted even when they have that at home. But my mood changes completely when I am out for exploring new destination be it domestic or international I love collecting handicraft of that places for my collection. Thanks for this awesome post

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  3. I love hand crafted items so much. they add an elegant touch to your home decor and at the same time, they have an esthetic and traditional appeal too. thank you so much for sharing this great list of amazing craft store. will keep this in mind, when visit India next time.

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  4. Embroidery Work in India is carried out in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and many other regions. Buttonhole or Blanket Stitch, Running Stitch, Cross Stitch, Satin Stitch and Chain Stitch are some of basic techniques of stitching used in Indian Embroidery. It has also given way to machine stitching with the advent of the industrial era. There are diverse varieties of Indian embroidery.


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