Shop at Likay in Bangkok, Thailand

Home-made colours and batik prints at Likay, Bangkok

When a few hours to spare took me to a shop where the world was all bright dresses for women

Bangkok.jpgWords & Photographs: Aparna Gulati

On the return from Pattaya to Delhi, we had lots of time on our hands. While waiting at the airport was an option, roaming around seemed a better idea. So I went around exploring the market in Bangkok, which is flooded with clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and more.

Being in an unknown city and with language being an issue, I thought the malls were a better option than roaming in the open. The area was flooded with malls–Watergate Night Market, The Platinum Fashion Mall and more.

I entered the Palladium Square Mall. Here, while exploring the place, I discovered a store named ‘Likay’. I saw some bright coloured clothes with batik prints in silk and cottons along with tees. A gentle lady called Ms Suporn Likay, along with her sister, was running the store.

While checking out clothes for myself, Ms Likay suggested some designs and colours suited to my size and requirements. I found the dresses comfortable and instantly bought them along with some tops.

Fascinated, I could not stop myself from asking the store owner about her interests and the business. The sisters have been into this business of batik clothes since the last 20 years. The clothes are made with natural home-made colours at their workshop. These batik pieces are exported to several countries, including Srilanka, I did not stop myself from suggesting that she send them to India too.

So, in case you are in Bangkok and decide to go buy some of these, here’s her address:

Bangkoka visiitng card.jpg


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