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In a world that is constantly running, audiobooks are a boon. If you don’t have the time to sit and read or the eyes are too tired after hours of being in the digital world, audiobooks are a good choice

The art of oral storytelling is as old as any language. In rural belts, stories were told in communities and by special people. While physical books are the monarchs, audiobooks can be the courtiers. As age catches up and my eyes grow weaker, I realised that I found it difficult to read at bedtime. I need fresh sunlight to read the fine print. And also, the laptop and the phone use leave my eyes tired. So, instead of giving up on reading, I turned to audiobooks.

I must admit I was sceptical about the experience, but I was proven wrong. I now listen to my favourite stories while going for a long walk in the park. This gives me the peace and space to listen to the story without interruption. Here are my favourite books on YouTube and Spotify—the best part is that they are free.

the-river-of-adventure- by Enid Blyton

1. Adventure series by Enid Blyton
During my childhood, I had the entire Enid Blyton collection. But due to constant shifting of homes, I had to give them up. Now, I found that YouTube has many books that I can listen to. I am currently listening to The River of Adventure. I feel so thrilled to be back in the world of Jack, Lucy Ann, Kiki the parrot, Diane, Philip. I find Blyton’s simple style very refreshing. Even though the books are for children, they are equally pleasing for an adult. Moreover, there are no changes in the story during the audio. In fact, the voice inflexions have made the book more alive.  

A Woman’s Honour by Andreya Stuart

2. Dark Romance Novels & Stories by AudioIron
I always felt that history and romance can either be seen or seriously read. But here again, I found this delightful podcast—as I said, it depends on how the audio books are read. A Woman’s Honour by Andreya Stuart was an interesting one. I had not heard of this author but the title intrigued me. And then it took me to old London, the days of Viscounts, Lords, Knights and pirates. There are some gruesome details of the main protagonists—like the cruel lord and his terrible childhood, the fights for power and riches, the world of slaves and prostitutes and men overpowering women. So, if you are looking for a simple love, then this not for you. Andreya’s books are also available on Amazon.

3. Daily Short Stories—Mystery & Suspense by Sol Good Network
I haven’t heard these stories as yet, but they are on my list. I like mystery and thrillers. During my childhood, I loved reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys and Alfred Hitchock, later I progressed to Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes. This podcast has daily short stories which I can listen to under one hour. And I look forward to discovering more detectives.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

4. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
I probably don’t need to say anything about this book. Acknowledged as the greatest noel written in English, it has lived on since it was first published in 1847. The author published it under a pen name–Ellis Bell. It is not an easy book to absorb. I have the physical copy and I have started to hear the novel on Spotify. The book stirs up many emotions—the story of Healthcliff and Catherine Earnshaw is a compelling tale. The book is based on the gentry living on the West Yorkshire moors–Earnshaws and the Lintons, and their turbulent relationships with the Earnshaws’ foster son, Heathcliff.  I must say, I am enjoying the audio version too.

The Tiger's Prey by Wilbur Smith

5. The Tiger’s Prey by Wilbur Smith
I am so happy to have found a Wilbur Smith book on YouTube. I discovered this author in the 1980s and used to possess all his books, but unfortunately had to let go of my collection. I recently read Pharoah and that transported me to Africa. His rich language and deep expression is a delight. I look forward to listening to The Tiger’s Prey.

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13 thoughts on “Audiobooks that you can hear for free

  1. I heard a lot about benefits of audiobooks from many people but not yet tried any at my end. But after reading your post Ambica I think I should give it a try to enjoy these wonderful books you mentioned here.

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  2. Audio books I never tried before. But as you said that it’s really easy to have access to then without any interruption is very much true. Also, free books on you tube and spotify caught me . I really now feel the urge to try this and give my own views

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  3. I still haven’t tried audio books as I prefer physical copy. But as you say, its sometimes stressful to read ebooks or even paperbacks especially during night. So I’m sure audio books will help during these times.

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  4. Indeed in the time of less time in hand, audiobooks are boon. I have been using audible for six months, and with my morning walk and evening cycling, audiobooks are my partner. And sometimes the beautiful narration took me into the world of these stories.

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