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With Class: 9 Rules of Wine Drinking Etiquette to Keep in Kind

People often feel intimidated when they are invited to a wine tasting. There is no need to be. Simply brush up on the etiquette for events such as this and enjoy the afternoon or evening. A wine tasting is a great way to try new beverages, meet new people, and have some fun. The following are some things to remember when taking part in an event of this type so you feel comfortable and fit in with the group.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

People often travel to different vineyards or wineries to try various beverages. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the tasting room and the different types of wines. People who do so learn a great deal about winemaking in a short period of time. Furthermore, staff members love sharing their knowledge with others, and many choose to work in a wine tasting room simply because it allows them to share their love for this beverage with many people. Ask about the history of the winery, the grapes used to make the beverages, and more.

Follow the Rules

Every wine tasting room has its own set of rules. Be sure to learn these rules before proceeding. Never argue if something isn’t agreeable. Recognize the fact that the visit will likely be a short one and guests are never forced to return. Chalk it up to a learning experience and move forward. The facility has put the rules into place for a reason, and arguing will not change them. Keep this in mind and work to make the trip as pleasant as possible in every way.


As with the rules, guests should learn if tipping is permitted at a particular wine tasting room before visiting. Some wineries and vineyards allow guests to tip while others strictly prohibit the practice. By asking about this policy before visiting, a guest can avoid embarrassment on the day of the visit. Furthermore, knowing the policy ensures the staff members aren’t put into an uncomfortable position when they must turn down a tip. They don’t want to appear ungrateful but don’t wish to jeopardize their jobs either. By going against the company policy, they could do exactly this.

Revisit Certain Wines

If one wine is to your liking, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask to revisit it. The staff should be prepared to allow you to do so, as they want you to go home with a beverage you will enjoy and purchase again. However, this does not mean a person should ask to revisit several wines if they truly don’t plan to buy anything. It’s best to reserve this request for those bottles you truly believe you may be interested in taking home. Otherwise, simply try the various wines and move on to another winery to find a beverage you prefer.

Use Manners

Although staff members at a wine tasting room are there to serve guests, they should be treated with dignity and respect at all times. Don’t forget to use manners when making any request and say please and thank you. Although it is perfectly acceptable to state something is not to your liking, do so in a way that is polite and pleasant. Furthermore, don’t interrupt the staff when they are speaking or contradict what a worker is saying. It’s best to keep certain things unsaid when visiting a wine tasting room, as it makes the experience more pleasurable for all.

Dress Appropriately

While there is no need to wear a suit and tie or formal gown, don’t show up at a wine tasting in shorts and sandals either. Wear casual clothing that would be appropriate at the office. This shows that the wine tasting is an event rather than something you just happened to show up at. By taking the time to choose the proper attire, you’ll fit right in with others who are taking advantage of the tasting, which makes for a more enjoyable day for all.

Refrain From Excessive Comments

Although individuals like to share their knowledge of a particular subject, it’s best to keep comments to a minimum at a wine tasting room unless they relate directly to the beverage being sampled. The chances are every person who has visited a room of this type has been subjected to a know-it-all at one time or another. This individual interrupts the staff member to share their knowledge on this topic or contradicts the employee numerous times. Doing so simply makes everyone in the room uncomfortable. If something is said that is completely wrong, speak to the staff member privately or talk with his or her superiors. This is a much better way to handle the situation.

Carry Snacks

Although wine tasting rooms are meant to sample different beverages, a person might find they overindulge unintentionally. This is often the result of not eating while trying different wines. Some wine tasting rooms offer snacks for this purpose, but not all do. For this reason, every person taking part in a wine tasting tour should have snacks on hand to keep their stomach full. This helps to dilute the wine and ensures the taster doesn’t overindulge. Everyone wants to remember the day when it is done and overindulging can prevent this from happening.

Spit, Swallow, or Dump?

People often assume they should spit out the wine after they taste it. It is wise to spit out the wine if you will be trying several different varieties. Nobody wants to accompany a person who is inebriated on a wine tour, as it ruins the enjoyment of the trip. If a particular wine is very tasty, however, it is considered perfectly acceptable to swallow it. Furthermore, a person can taste a wine and dump the remainder without embarrassment. Again, it’s better to dump than to drink too much and become intoxicated.

If there are any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask. No question is too dumb when you are unsure about something. Ask a friend, family member, or co-worker about how to behave at a wine tasting. If they are no help, don’t hesitate to pull a staff member aside for assistance. They want all guests to have a good time and will go out of their way to make certain this is the case.

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