Watermelon juice at Naad Wellness, Sonipat, Haryana

Head to Naad Wellness Centre for holistic rejuvenation

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Three nights, healthy diet, and lots of massages, that’s ‘Naad Experience’ for you. And what you bring back – a decidedly lighter, brighter new you! Add discipline to this too. Naad Wellness comes as a surprise. Unlike most wellness centres with wooden huts and dark interiors, this one looks more like a five-star hotel. A green entrance, green and wooden interiors, the place is another world contained within 39 rooms with therapists and two good doctors. Privacy and discipline are perhaps the two discerning points at this centre. While it does seem a little odd when the white kurta-pyjama and rubber slippers are handed over you, it’s just easier on your laundry. You can just go in a pair of jeans, sneakers, and your toothbrush. No makeup, no jewellery, no party shoes, you need nothing here. I did take my laptop though.

My Experience: After the traditional welcome, some fresh watermelon juice, and lots of smiles, wearing my kurta and pyjama, I was in a 30-minute consultation with two young docs. Height, weight, and more painful truths about bad habits and bad lifestyles emerged in this consultation, I was handed a sheet which had my schedule. My body age was a scary number.

I began every morning with yoga at 7 am, fresh juice after that and tick-tock, someone came to fetch me for a 60-minute massage. Then some more juice, lunch, some rest, and another round of massage, fresh juice, and early dinner at 7.30pm. Around 9 pm is bedtime beverage, warm milk and jaggery in my case, and off to sleep.

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My Treatment: Aromatherapy massage, Turkish Hammam, Abhayangam, Therapeutic massage, Himalayan Salt Cave therapy, Pure Earth facial, Choodaswedam, and dental check-up. Getting down to the Turkish hammam, the blue chips here are all handcrafted. A heavy oiling with Shanti oil, and then salt scrub over it, you head for 10 minutes of steam and end this session in a jacuzzi. This is a good relaxant.

Unlike Ayurvedic massages, Therapeutic massage is more tuned to naturopathy. Imagine some drums, some percussion, some gymnastics, all that’s going to happen to your body, in just the right spots though. Breaking the musician’s code is the acupressure, which does remind you that it’s a massage. It works wonders in making you agile and painless.

Abhyangam is the traditional two-person Ayurvedic massage, which helps to knead out the knots. Then in Choodaswedam you are massaged and scrubbed with a herbal potli by two adept masseuses. Depending on your need, it could be powder for pain or weight loss.

Purearth is a really good product and the amenities in the bathroom will show you that. I particularly liked the hair repair.

Facilities: You do get a good room, fragrant corridors, a small library, walking area, swimming pool, courts for badminton and tennis, gym, wi-fi, salon, but no TV and no loud noises. What might be nice to try out is the yin and yang walk for natural acupressure. A green area is designed in the shape of yin and yang with a stone walkway. Imagine walking on a river bed, but not slipping as this is a dry bed. There’s a pavilion also for outdoor yoga. For golf lovers, there is a small terrace to play this sport. Then there’s a plunge pool and terrace garden.

For those looking to get well in super luxury, there’s the Naad suite. Yes, there are different categories of rooms.

The food is cooked as per the person’s dosha— vata, pitta or kapha. It’s all vegetarian and in-room dining is not allowed. I saw a beautiful rainbow in the evening during my free time, just before a scrumptious dinner. The centre is also in talks with various insurance companies so that people who have mediclaim can use the facilities without additional expense. There are different packages and they go up to 28 nights.

What’s Good: The effort to make it pleasing with minimal waste and maximum comfort. The tiles are recycled and handcrafted from Rajkot. The soap dishes are made from the marble pieces left after making the tables in the dining area. The fountain is made of pieces that came from the stone used for the stairs. No chemical varnish on the wood, it’s all linseed oil.

Green and Neat: Everyone wears a kurta-pyjama and Crocs, for there are too many hours of being on your feet. The interiors are full of oxygen-giving plants. When you come dressed for a massage, the therapist will ensure the corridor is empty and you can walk freely without anyone peering at you. No plastic bottles and fresh herbs are also growing within the premises.

The centre has tied up with the neighbourhood farmers {you can see fields all around} for fresh produce. You can even walk into the kitchen, I didn’t try it though. The emphasis is on skills and good manners, not the language you speak. Thus, don’t be surprised if anyone speaks in Hindi. The therapists are versatile.

A New Me: Well, for one I could walk. I stopped hearing my knees crack and split. It’s been quite some time that I am back now, but I feel so much better. My joints no longer ache. I have changed my diet at home too and got some tips from the chef on cooking good food.   So, there’s a healthy mix of lifestyle modification, Ayurveda and naturopathy doses, relaxation, and sleep. What more would you want in life? I could have got my colon cleansed… perhaps the next time.


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