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7 Spas to relax in Delhi

Nothing like shedding off some load – be it from the shoulder, heart or the face. And one way of leaving the worries behind for a few hours is a relaxing massage and doing something that makes you feel beautiful

  1. NeoVeda Spa, The Metropolitan
NeoVeda The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, New Delhi

So, if you are looking for a place to unwind, book an appointment at NeoVeda Spa. While the spa does offer many kinds of therapies, I would suggest going for the signature ones. I went for the NeoVeda Journey which was a complete head to toe, scrub to shower treatment. The treatment takes two and a half hours but I kept a good four hours with me. And I was glad about that. The scrub had a very fresh and rejuvenating fragrance. Absolutely pure essential oils with therapeutic qualities are used. Besides relaxation, this journey stimulates the cells and tissues and promotes secretion of hormones. It helps combat muscle stiffness and relaxes the lymphatic system. Not only are the therapists polite, they are also good at the massages.

Showered after the scrub, it was time for a massage. Avono from Nagaland went about her task with a lot of patience and was not in any hurry. The journey ended with Shirodhara. This 30-minute process completely washed out the last remaining stress. As the oil slowly poured over my forehead, I slipped into a relaxed sleep. There is steam to blend in the oil completely. The end result is a relaxed body, mind and spirit, and a soft, smooth skin. The effect of this treatment lasted for a good two days with complete ease of movement and disappearance of all the pains and aches. The spa is based on the concept of new Ayurveda.

The spa menu comprises classic and modern treatments, massages, scrubs, wraps, facials, baths, foot and hand care, slimming, toning, and firming techniques. There are different treatments for those pressed for time. Should you like to buy the NeoVeda products, they are available at the Craft House within the hotel premises.

2. Spazzo, Crowne Plaza in Okhla

spazzo crowne plaza okhla, new delhi, india

Recommended the Signature Crowne spa massage, my tired muscles were more than happy to let Komal, the expert masseuse, take the lead. With the water bed going from red to green to blue, it was quite a colorful time. The temperature is changed as per the requirement. omal began the therapy with a foot cleansing ritual to wash out all the toxins from the feet. Flowers and salt were added to lukewarm water, giving the feet a fresh feel. Then mixing olive oil with relaxing essential oils such as jasmine and lavender, she began the rhythmic movements to massage the knots and the stiffness out. Along with some stretching exercises, she focussed on my pain points, It was 45 minutes of pure bliss.

Since I had also decided upon a skin-tightening facial, she recommended steam and sauna before getting on with the business of cleaning the skin. So, this was even more refreshing for the facials that have been crafted with care and only natural ingredients are used, which means no chemicals! As the face is softened after the steam, yogurt was used to scrub and cleanse. Then some banana peel and honey to massage the skin and add some brightening. Finally milk and malai for massage. But it was the cucumber slices mask that brought the skin alive. The spa has many more natural facials to choose from and more massages too.

The services and facilities are excellent. Should you like to be a member of Spazzo, you get access to the gym and the swimming pool and discounts at the spa, salon and on F&B.

3. Rejuve, The LaLit New Delhi

Rejuve, The Lalit NewDelhi

The fragrance of lavender filled the room. I was lying face down, and I could see yellow rose petals. It was a Tuesday and the colour of the day at The LaLit was yellow, bringing sunshine and happiness into the hotel. Lily, the masseuse, was going just the way I wanted her to go, long strokes digging into the calves, and the sole of my feet. She was battling with the knots and I was dozing as the many months of rigorous travelling had taken its toll. And I needed this Balinese massage to make my life normal.

In the Balinese massage, I liked the way Lily rubbed my feet with a wet, hot towel and the strokes were long. She also used her forearms to massage the back which had a very good effect. I ended my time here with a steam and sauna. The spa has all the amenities including a hairdryer, moisturiser, and comb. A nice cup of green tea in the relaxation area was the right way to finish my pampering session.

She worked hard on the areas where the pain was maximum, having noted these in advance—the neck, shoulders and ankles. There are umpteen therapies available, from Aroma, Ayurvedic to Western and other natural and herbal ones. There are some long rituals too, should you like to opt for those.

Massages vary from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Rituals go up to two hours and 30 minutes. Prices start from INR 3,500, depending on what you choose.

4. Shanaya, The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi

Thalgo products atShanaya, The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi

The spa has many options for massages and Thalgo products. Shanaya does mean the sun’s first ray in Hebrew and for me, it did live up to its promise of a fresh beginning.

The UK-based cosmetic company offers natural products which have not been tested on animals. The treatments are organically prepared to purify, hydrate and firm the skin. The minerals from the sea help the skin retain its natural and healthy look. I opted for the anti-ageing facial, but for those who are unsure of what to do, there is a spa manager and a therapist to guide you.

The facial includes many kinds of serums and a different massage to take off the fine lines and rejuvenate your skin. The treatment started with a few minutes of steam and sauna. After about 90 minutes, I saw a cleaner and visibly relaxed me in the mirror. The face pack helps erase fine lines to a large extent. The most visible thing is the colour change, the suntan obviously goes off, but the pigmentation in different areas also comes down. The skin feels firmer and healthier. Of course, even after a week, I kept seeing the skin shed off the older tired version. The decor is light and I particularly liked their pink and purple robes. The therapists are polite and the place is hygienic. You get your dose of the healthy green teas too.

I would certainly like to go back for their signature therapy, Shanaya Harmony. Other massages on offer include Swedish, Balinese, Thai, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Hot Stone therapy and more. Also, there are couple rooms too.

5. Club One Spa, The Suryaa

The menu is extensive, the services good and the staff friendly. The multiple choices of massages include Thai, Balinese, Oriental, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic and more. Some last for 60 minutes and others 90 minutes. So there are signature therapies for single ones and couples.

I was in for Escape. The 90-minute stress buster began with some stretching movements. Slowly, the masseuse worked her way through all the tired muscles, gently kneading out the knots. Then focused on the more stressed out areas such as the neck and the shoulders, working hard to ease off the pain and the tightness. She then put a hot towel around my shoulders. And let the oil soak in. The oil used was warm olive oil.

I went in for a steam sauna, chill pool. I was clearly told that it was good for blood circulation and guaranteed to take the pain out. And it did, but that means I spent a good four hours there. Once showered, you do find a talcum in the changing room. There are brushes and hair dryer too. The towels are clean. You can even get a glass of lime juice in the changing room. The locker facility is also available.

There is a salon too, should you wish for more beauty. It is best to go by appointment and reach early.

6. Tamaya Spa, Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort

Tamaya Spa, Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, Greater Noida

Imagine yourself amid greens, being pampered head to toe, stress washing away, muscles relaxing, and the world becoming a distant reality. Yes, that’s what you can find at the Tamaya Spa in Greater Noida. A popular choice for golfers, Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, offers almost all kinds of spa and treatments. I recently chose to try their 50-minute detox lavender massage by young Khyoda, who took great care to accurately press the pressure points and clear the body of stress knots. I was informed the choice of therapies is wide with renowned signature massages, facials, wraps, and scrubs. And they also have wellness consultants. A walk around without a guide through its 23 treatment areas can be baffling. Their therapies encompass Ayurveda, Watsu therapy, detoxification, and slimming and colonic hydrotherapy. The facilities at the resort include a fitness center, yoga and wellness activities studio with an aerobic pool, female and male Moroccan-style Hammam suites, a meditation cave, hair and beauty salon, ladies club and golfer’s treatment areas, just to name a few. The resort is beautiful and the therapies are worth the splurge.

7. R The Spa, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi

Well, something you can’t hide is age, so what you need to do is just enjoy it. And that comes when you can chill out in expert hands. Guided by the spa manager, Jasmine and the expert therapist Sabina, I let them decide what worked best for the tired skin, the dark circles and the sleeping mind! While I got a great tip on using castor oil regularly from Jasmine, Sabina gave me a really cool tip. While cleansing and clearing the tired lines from my face, she told what I should do on a regular basis at home—take all the peels of the vegetables, grind them and then use this as a face cleanser.

R The Spa—Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi

Sabina has spent 23 years in the beauty business and she likes to treat the skin with a lot of TLC—tender, loving care. No harsh and sudden movements and no poking instruments on or around your face. But smooth creams and lotions and when you open your eyes, you do see some shine and glow. My dark circles had visibly reduced by 50 per cent and she told me that I must be regular in this to see better results.

The treatment: Caviar and Pearl Age Defying Facial with focus on dark under-eye circles.

How it helps?
Caviar has protein, vitamins and minerals. It helps to speed up the natural production of collagen giving a younger, firmer and lustrous appearance. This is an anti-aging solution with properties that helps in skin hydration and gives protection against free radical damage. It helps in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

The products–Caviar extracts and Pearl powder within Escutox™, a tropical alternative to Botox®.

Price and time–Rs 6,000 for 90 minutes


20 thoughts on “7 Spas to relax in Delhi

  1. India is for sure a mystical place in many ways, the experience would be even more trascending than in other countries. The music, in my opinion, is already relaxing! Would have definitely loved to had taken one of this when I was over there.

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  2. They surely know how to relax in Delhi! I’d be thrilled to experience each one of these spas and the many treatments they offer. The Caviar and Pearl Age Defying Facial sounds particularly appealing to me. Not so much the colonic hydrotherapy though, hahaha!

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  3. We sure do love to visit spas when we travel. We missed that chance when we were in Delhi the first time. But great to know there are some good options if we get back. I sure would love to try a few spas for a blog post! They all looked great. (LD Holland)

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  4. Although I’ve only had a few spa experiences, I think visiting different spas on my travels would be a great experience! I’m sure, and by the sounds of your blog too, the spas in Delhi are quite luxurious. It reminds me of an incredible experience I had at a spa in Thailand. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I want to visit a spa right now after reading this post. I have not been to spas in Delhi but I generally do visit one when I am traveling. I am sure the Lalit one will be really luxurious and amazing. I will make a note of these so I can visit them when I am in Delhi.

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  6. I would love to enjoy a nice little Spa right now! I haven’t been to Delhi yet but it would be interesting to visit one and enjoy some downtime. The last time I had a Spa was in Chiang Mai in Thailand, and it was so good. These spas look so luxurious and just perfect place to unwind!

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  7. There is no dearth of spas in Delhi so it is nice to have a reference list of some chosen ones, makes it easier to decide which one to pick next time. My parents live in Delhi so I visit often. I have been to a couple of spas but none of the ones you mentioned, would love to try them out someday or maybe just gift a treatment to my mum on her next birthday!

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  8. I love visiting a spa at least once a month. Even when I am traveling, I make sure to visit a spa. I love Thai massages more than anything. Great to see that there are so many great options in Delhi. I would love the Collagen treatment that you have mentioned at last.

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