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7 healthy drinks, energy bars and snacks

Juices, healthy bars and cookies that every traveler would love to keep in his or her bag. These can be eaten anytime, anywhere and are suitable for all age groups

1. RAW Pressery

Aloe Vera Lemonade by Raw Pressery

Raw Pressery is a cold-pressed juice brand and the juices can be found in most department stores pan-India. The brand’s portfolio with over 27 different blends comprises fruit juices, smoothies, nut milks, booster shots and hydration essentials. From Aloe Vera Lemonade to Beetroo-Carrot vegetable juices and more, this is 100% natural. There are no added preservatives.

Raw juices.png

Founded in 2014, it is a part of Rakyan Beverages Pvt. Ltd with inhouse capabilities in farm-produce procurement, processing, manufacturing, cold chain logistics, warehousing and distribution. It uses the globally acclaimed HPP technology which ensures fresher, safer and healthier food products with stable shelf life. The chosen flavours are which aid health and digestion, giving a completely fresh flavour to the juice.  In fact, you can even use the bottle again, so no single-use plastic here. It does have an expiry date though, so do check that when you buy it.

yoga bars

2. Yoga Bar

Six flavours and priced at Rs 35 each, Yoga Bars are chemical-free, processed sugar-free, preservative-free natural bars. They have wholesome ingredients such as amaranth, flaxseeds, chia, almonds, oats, dates and cocoa. Each bar has a nutrition profile: 150 -170 calories, source of dietary fiber, 3- 4g of protein, healthy fats and complex carbs. The six flavours are Cashew Orange, Chocolate Chunk Nut, Vanilla Almond, Peanut Butter, Nuts and Seeds and Mocha Magic. The best part was that one didn’t feel heavy after eating them.

3. Mojo Bar

mojo bar

Mojo Bar is a complete balanced snack. It’s rich in nutrients and easy to eat when you are on the move – without compromising on taste. Full of wholesome, filling ingredients such as oats, fruit, cereal, nuts and natural sugar, MojoBar helps you avoid unhealthy options and the bars are preservative-free. The bars have an appropriate amount of protein, fibre, carbs, natural sugar. There are no chemicals, preservatives, or anything artificial in the gluten-free bars. Children above the age of five can consume this bar everyday as a healthy snack. Some flavours: Choco Almond + Protein, Nutty Apricot + Fibre and Yogurt Berry + Antioxidants. MojoBar retails in 100 plus general trade stores in Mumbai  and is shipped to 26 Indian cities through amazon.in.

rite bite bars

4. Rite Bite Bars

Rite Bite bars are low calorie, energy boosters that satiate hunger cravings for at least three hours. The trick is to munch slowly. The promise is Max Protein—meal replacement bar. Some flavours—Honey Lemon, Choco Slim and Choco Fudge. Each promises a mix of proteins, fiber, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, omega 3, L-Glutamine, Probiotic.  They help after exercise and in between mealtimes.  

5. Handcrafted Granola by Sustenance Foods


Many would hesitate to carry these, but these flavoured granolas are handcrafted and loaded with nutrients. Each batch is hand mixed and baked in small batches at low temperatures to give it a nice crunch and toasty flavour. These are gluten-free and packed with nuts, seeds and sweetened with locally sourced organic honey, making it  a healthy meal. The three flavours are cranberry and pistachio, fig and walnut and a decadent chocolate and hazelnut. Granola can be eaten with yogurt, milk, honey, fresh fruit, even other cereals such as cornflakes, and nuts. Sometimes, they can be a topping for cakes, pastries, ice creams and desserts. Sustenance Foods’ menu includes granola, preserves and jam, organic coffee, cookies, biscotti, honey, tea cake, flavoured nuts, crackers and indulgent treats.

6. Yakult

  • A human being consumes 65,000 tonnes of food in a lifetime! Dr Neerja Hajela, head of science and regulatory affairs, Yakult India explained during an educational meet on #probiotics. Good health begins with #healthyintestines, as that’s the resting ground for good #bacteria. These give us a good #digestive and immune system. The probiotic health drink helps in promotion of good bacteria which gives us healthy guts. Two bottles a day is good and there are no side effects. It can be consumed for years as it’s a functional food. The drink is safe for children over one year of age. It should not be exposed to sunlight and should be consumed within 3-4 hours after it’s been taken out of the storage. There is a #YakultLite too which has less sugar and vitamins D & E. The manufacturing facility is in #Sonipat, #Haryana. Yakult is available at select department stores across 12 states in India and there is also the concept of #YakultLadies. In India, 260 ladies have been trained and designated different areas for spreading awareness.
  • 7. Gluten-free cookies by Executive Sous Chef Alok Verma, The Imperial, New Delhi, and nutrionist Sangeeta Khanna

Gluten allergy has become a common phenomenon is most cities. Going back to the Colonial era, this luxury hotel, located in the heart of Delhi, organized a culinary session on gluten-free food. The session was curated by nutritionist Sangeeta Khanna who talked about alternative grains such as buckwheat flour, ragi flour, amaranth flour, white chestnut and quinoa. The Executive Sous Chef and Sangeeta laid out a hi-tea full of healthy goodies: Buckwheat Blinis Sandwich With Beetroot And Feta, Ragi Samosa Filled Cucumber, Peas And Cashewnut, Quinoa Cumin And Sesame Crackers With Orange Hummus, Amaranth Flour, Carrot And Raisin Cookies and Fresh Water Chestnut Panacotta With Pecan Nut And Honeycomb. Alternative grains are laden with proteins, micro-nutrients, amino acids. These are best eaten in smaller quantities with a lot of water. When consumed in large quantities, these can have a dehydrating effect. They are also calorie-rich.

For those who would like to carry the Amaranth Flour, Carrot and Raisin Cookies on their travels, here’s the recipe (suited for six portions)


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