Fresh juice, Suryagarh, Jasialmer, Rajasthan, India

10 Healthy Soups, Salads & Juices

Are you keeping a watch on your diet during your travels? I do, and here are some soups, salads and juices that I relished during my trips

As COVID-19 has sensitised us to our health, we need good diet and nutrition to keep us in good shape. Soups, salads and juices are considered healthy and filling at the same time. I like fresh fruit juices, as the flavours are enhanced and the taste is yum. Besides, fruits have an ample amount of vitamins, minerals and natural sugars. Fresh vegetables are also full of nutrients and when cooked properly, they make for a delightful meal. Freshly cut fruit and vegetable salads with tasty dressings make it the prefectly flavourful meal. Fresh vegetables with light oils and dressings are crunchy and digestible. These three also don’t have unhealthy fats and calories.

When consumed in appropriate quantities, they help manage weight, lead to a better diet quality with an increase in protein and fibre intake. As our diet changes, these good foods, reduce hunger and help stay hydrated for longer periods.

1. Spinach Soup, Zing, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, New Delhi

Spinach Soup, Zing, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, New Delhi

This warm green soup is made of spinach, garlic, onion, fresh cream, dash of yellow butter, salt and pepper. The soup comes with two toasted slices. It is best sipped slowly to let the flavours sink in and make you feel fuller for a longer period. This leafy green vegetable originated in Persia. It is rich in fiber and vitamins and is a winter vegetable in India. It can also be eaten raw.

Zing is open 24X7, so you can this for lunch or dinner.

2. Zurek, Polish Sour Rye Soup

Polish soup Zurek

I was lucky to get a taste of this soup a few years back, thanks to a dinner invitation by the Polish Institute in Delhi. The USP of this soup is that it is served piping hot in an    edible bread bowl, which makes it a complete meal. It is laden with bacon, boiled eggs and potatoes and is a delicious meal in itself. Some people add mushrooms and sour cream too. This Polish treasure is named żurek starowiejski or old village.  

And the origin of this soup lies with ‘the mean innkeeper’ and ‘an old lady’, according to Your Roots in Poland. The soup is a popular Easter dish. Where to eat it? Poland, of course.

3. Lo Mien & Ji Mogu Thong, OKO, The LaLit, New Delhi

Lo Mien & Ji Mogu Thong, OKO, The LaLit, New Delhi

These two soups, vegetarian and non-vegetarian respectively, were a treat on one occasion. With fresh noodles, green vegetables, soya and roasted garlic, Lo Mein was a slow filler. For those who like their chicken, then Ji Mogu Thong was a good choice with flavours of mushrooms, chicken, pokchoy, tomato, roasted garlic.

OKO is located on the 28th floor of this 5-star hotel and offers a range of Japanese, Thai and Pan-Asian flavours. It also offers a spectacular view of the city at night.

4. Soup, Marigold Sarovar Portico, Mashobra

Soup, Marigold Sarovar Portico, Mashobra

I have forgotten the name of this soup, but I can’t forget the taste. It comprised chickpeas, meat, rice and flavourful spices. It was just perfect for the hills.

5. Salads at Uncafe, Delhi  

This is Delhi’s latest healthy food outlet and they deliver on your doorstep. We just loved the dressings and burst of freshness. Moreover, the range is so wide. You can make your own bowl or find something interesting for everyone. We ate 4 salads and enjoyed them all with accompaniments of healthy banana chips and delicious dips.

The Bombay Veggie, Uncafe, Delhi, India

The Bombay Veggie came laden with fresh sprouts, onions, cucumber, tomato, sweet potato, chopped chillies, even a marigold flower. And then there were chickpeas munchies and we added a dash of lime and rock salt, as recommended.

Grilled Italian, Uncafe, Delhi, India

Grilled Italian was absolutely marvelous with the freshness of flavours bursting with each bite. It comprised bell peppers, zucchini, baccaconcini tossed in olive oil, microgreens and sweet pea flower. You can check the menu on Zomato.

6. Vegetable Garden with Truffle Dressing, Megu, The Leela Palace, New Delhi

Vegetable Garden with Truffle Dressing, Megu, The Leela Palace, New Delhi

This salad was specially crafted for the launch of North West Cherries in 2021 but the freshness lingers on. After all, food is about memories and this salad can be replicated with variations. It comprised pickled beetroot, frosted walnuts, fresh vegetables and North West cherry right in the centre.

7. Pineapple juice, Zing, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, New Delhi

Pineapple juice, Zing, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, New Delhi

Pineapple is one of my favourite fruits and this huge glass refreshes in an instant. It is easily available the year through. And it is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes that can fight inflammation and disease. It aids in digestion, boosts immunity and helps recovery from surgery or other illnesses too.

Pineapple slices are available across northeast India.

8. Orange juice, road to Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

Orange juice, road to Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

While orange juice is easily available in the cities, this fresh juice on the highway to Anandpur Sahib was the sweetest and juiciest. The road has many vendors selling oranges and a hand juicer on a table, should you wish to have a glass. This citrus fruit is a good source of vitamin C, sodium, fiber and potassium.

9. Watermelon juice, Naad Wellness, Sonipat

. Watermelon juice, Naad Wellness, Sonipat

As this is a wellness centre promoting natural therapies, the juices here are prescribed on the basis ofdosha—pitta, kapha or vata. I was prescribed this juice for the morning. Watermelon is a summer fruit and I had the sweetest one in Jordan. India also has very good ones.

It is around 90% water and is useful for staying hydrated. It contains antioxidants and helps remove free radicals.

10. Detox shots, Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

 Detox shots, Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

These are early morning shots for all those who want to stay bright and happy on a holiday. These fresh fruit and vegetable shots are cleansers. I would say keep them as a replacement to your morning cuppa and have a happy stomach the day through.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Should I drink juice?
According to, “Fresh juice is loaded with enzymes, vitamins and minerals that are easily digestible and quickly absorbed. Drinking a glass a day will boost your health, give you more energy, detoxify your body and increase recovery from an illness. Many people have even healed diseases with juicing.”

Why should I eat salads? states that you should eat salads as they are high in fiber, help stay satisfied for longer period, cut calorie intake, are a source of good fats and thereby give the full benefits of fruits and vegetables in a tasty way. 

What is the benefit of soups?
They are a low calorie, nutritional diet. If you start your meal with a soup, you will feel fuller and have a lighter meal. It is low cost and you can make a tasty with many ingredients in small quantities.

Stay healthy and keep traveling. And do share which healthy foods you have tried on your travels.  


10 thoughts on “10 Healthy Soups, Salads & Juices

  1. Yes true, when we travel, the last thing we want to feel is bloated or exhausting. While travelling we need to stay hydrated and eat nutritiously which is easily digestive. This is indeed an important post.

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  2. Amazing list. Most of us don’t watch over our diet during vacations. This list will surely help many. I love water melon juices though, especially in summers.

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  3. I am a big fan of juices, salads and soups . And try to add as many as in my routine diet. Your list and images look so tempting. Would love to give them a try as well.

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  4. Great healthy suggestions and I can say really sumptuous dishes! As the holiday comes, let us not be carried away by over-eating. It’s always a great move to keep your discipline intact by making wise food decisions like having the dishes from this article.

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