Xech wireless bluetooth Voice Assist headphones

Pocket-friendly Gadgets & Backpacks

Wireless earbuds & headphones, portable hard drives, cameras and backpacks that you should carry on your all your trips

Multifunctional backpack, mufubu.com

1. So you have a weekend trip planned and want to take only a light backpack. But you also need to make sure that your essentials fit into it. I have this really cool one with ample space from mufubu.com. The site has a good range of smart backpacks, anti-theft backpacks, and some come with USB.

I chose this black multifunctional one by KAKA. It is water resistant, can take in a 15.6 inch laptop, 9.7 inch iPad, clothes, shoes etc. This suits me for I can carry it to some off-beat places. I have tested it during the rains too, as the water just slipped down the high density polyester. There is enough cushioning for the laptop, which means I can put it down on the floor safely.

There are lots of pockets and divisions, so you have an organized backpack rather than a stuffed one. There is a Shoe Pocket, Computer Interlayer, Cell Phone Pocket, Interior Zipper Pocket, Interior Slot Pocket. The zip quality is good. The bag is light on the shoulders and I easily put in stuff for 3 days. I can carry it around for long periods. Backpack measurement: 32 x 23 x 50cm; Weight: 1.2kg. Price starts from INR 999.

Xech wireless bluetooth Voice Assist headphones

2. Xech Wireless Bluetooth Headphones #voiceassistheadphones. These come with a mic and give close to 7 hours of battery life. Pocket-friendly with an adjustable rubber #headband—foldable over the ears with soft cushions and deep bass immersive stereo sound can make your trips a pleasure. Moreover, these come in a lightweight EVA Box X-505. The box can hold important travel documents as it is handy to carry. You can even insert a memory card and listen to music. Just sync it via bluetooth to your phone and take or reject calls without any disturbance. There is a one-year warranty. And for the high fliers, there is an airplane audio adapter. Price: INR 958.

Air X3 by Riversong India

3. Wireless, easy to carry case which serves as a powerbank, AIRX3 by Riversong India has made my trips cool. I like the sound quality and clarity. Even when worn for a long period, the ears don’t hurt. Just long press the small switch and they connect via #bluetooth to the phone. The case is a substitute for a power bank. It hardly takes up any space in the bag. INR 3,800. It’s been two years since I got mine and they are going strong.  

WD My Passport Ultra External drive

4. I can’t ever imagine traveling without any back-up for my pictures, phone data and PC. So WD My Passport Ultra is my storage solution. This is a sleek and lightweight external hard drive. I have a Classic Black, but for those who like more colour, they can choose from Brilliant White, Wild Berry and Noble Blue. The capacity is 1 TB and 2 TB. I have cloned my PC and transferred all my photographs (all of 309GB) on this. It’s also a good four years old. Other features include 256-bit hardware-based data encryption and a three-year limited regional warranty.


5. Gift a Fujifilm Instax. This is one instant camera that would be just right to gift your hosts, their kids or friends you make on your trips.Digital is the buzzword in all things, yet the smell of paper, the ability to touch and explore in-depth is what makes prints nostalgic. This is what defines Instax–the instant print camera brought out by Fujifilm. The Japanese firm has been around since 1934 and known for its quality films.

The look and feel of the camera is very modern, yet somehow it will remind one of the old large black cameras when the lens were attached on the top. Here, the picture comes out on the top. The Mini 8 Joybox comes with a pack of films, a pen and even a selfie mirror and a bag to store your camera in. It comes with a one-year warranty. You can adjust the dial to match the cloudy weather, sunshine or lack of light. Price: INR 2,499

What’s your favourite gadget? Do share in the comments box below.


12 thoughts on “Pocket-friendly Gadgets & Backpacks

  1. Glad to know about this site for such travel friendly products. The backpack is really good with so many pockets, especially shoe pocket sounds unique. It’s affordable as well. I need a bluetooth headset for taking online classes smoothly. Would definitely visit the site. Thanks for the recommendation.

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  2. Good to know about this website, I can definitely plan to buy and gift my travel-friendly friends. Also, they have very good collection of laptop bags too.
    – TCT

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  3. Multi-functional backpack and Fujifilm Instax are my favorites from the list. Thank you for recommending mufubu.com, I am heading to check it out.

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  4. These is really a well thought list, from the bag pack to the ear buds, you have shared good and affordable products, sharing it with my friends too.

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