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Good Eats: 6 Travel Destinations for Foodies

Ready to pack your bags, grab your passport, and visit somewhere new? You could even treat yourself and look into “how much does a private jet cost per flight?” to really make your journey special. If so, you may want to visit one of these top travel destinations for foodies. Visiting new countries is one of the best ways to learn about new cultures, make memories, and eat some of the best food in the world, so start planning your next trip! 

Food platter

If you’re ready for savory meats, sweet desserts, or spicy curries, you’re sure to find it somewhere in the world. If you’re already getting hungry just thinking about it, grab a snack and then check out these top six travel destinations for foodies.

  1. Italy
    It’s a no-brainer—one of the top travel destinations for foodies has to be Italy. Cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence offer not only rich history, but also fantastic cuisine.

    Italian cuisine is delicious, fresh, and includes pasta, gelato, meats, and tomato-based dishes, to name a few. Italy also impresses with wine, cheese, olive oils, and incredible delicacies. If you’re looking for healthy food or an organic restaurant, you can find plenty of nutritious options as well.

    2. Spain
    Spain is also one of the best travel destinations for foodies. Spanish food is rich in flavor and texture, with people all over the world loving dishes such as paella, jamon, gazpacho, and, of course, chocolate-dipped churros!
  1. Brazil
    There are so many amazing foods to try in Brazil. It may be most famous for Brazilian barbeque, but you can also enjoy moqueca, a type of fish stew, pão de queijo, a type of cheese bread, and plenty of sweets, chocolates, and wines.
  2. Mexico
    One of the best vacations for eating in Mexico. You’ll find beautiful beaches, fascinating history, and delicious cuisine. In Mexico, you can sample tacos, tortas, sopa de lima, and lots of fresh flavor from fruits, tomatoes, and chilis.
  3. Thailand
    If you want to eat well, head to Thailand. This beautiful country produces amazing fresh tropical fruits and produce, plus plenty of local delicacies.

    Don’t miss Thai classics such as pad see eiw, yam talay, laab, and som tam. Thai food is best enjoyed spicy, but it can cater to all preferences.
  4. Japan
    It’s hard to find better fresh seafood than in Japan. Japanese cuisine is so much more than just sushi though and includes foods such as soba noodles, yakitori and barbequed meats, unagi, and miso soup. You can find local delicacies all over the country, so you’re sure to find a new favorite in Japan.

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