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Book Review: Tiny Habits, Massive Results

A millennial blogger, Jaishree Nenwani writes about self-improvement, personal growth and mindful living. In her debut book, she writes about habits that have made her productive and can help others as well

All of life is about rising up to meet our desires and expectations, to live a life that pleases us. But the road to this joy, this self-searching is probably not as smooth as we imagine. However, sometimes only small changes can go a long way in making the journey pleasurable. After all, we have to be the change that we want to see, as per Mahatma Gandhi’s famous dictum.

book cover: Tiny Habits, Massive Results

The author gives the readers 7 habits that can transform their lives and increase productivity. She has a simple way of presenting things. All chapters are interspersed with quotes from eminent authors and philosophers. She lists everything in short paragraphs, making them easy to assimilate.  

These habits are simple things like getting up early close to sunrise, journaling, living in the present, meditating, taking breaks, letting go. And within these tiny habits lies an intricate network of behaviours and attitudes that bring about the much-needed change. For instance, getting up early gives you time for digital detox, exercise, journaling, clearing up the clutter from your body-mind and leaves enough room to enjoy the natural surroundings.

Journaling is a personal growth exercise recommended by all coaches and healers. It gives us an insight into our own selves, our thoughts, patterns. Journaling is a passive way of assembling our thoughts. It also safeguards our secrets. I liked the fact that Nenwani has also suggested spots where we can hide our secret journal.

She has quoted from researches that cite the benefits of good habits. Good habits, good changes lead to better brain power. None of these habits are unheard of, but putting them into practice is the key to a better you. And having someone give you a friendly reminder, without being loud about it, is a good way to reinforce this.

The book is a fast read and handy for all those who are streamlining their lives. The author gives you a reminder that you don’t need to make all the changes at the same time. Go step-by-step, go slow but surely, keep watching your progress and keep rewarding yourself for the changes. A positive life is about discipline and healthy body-mind-soul.

At the end of the book, she gives the reader an extra pro-habit. And I liked this the best-Mind Your Own Business. The moment you focus on yourself and how to better your life, you can achieve all that you wish to. There should be no distractions and no attempts to follow someone else or walk on a path that is not meant for you.

All in all, the book can be your companion at all stages and at all ages. You can carry it around and read a page anytime you feel the need for a reminder to change. It is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.  

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31 thoughts on “Book Review: Tiny Habits, Massive Results

  1. 7 habits seem like an interesting book. When you study the lives of great or wealthy people, all follow good habits and a disciplined life. Mind your own business is the topmost actually. We are always interested in what others are doing.

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  2. Reminded me of the 7 habits of highly effective people Ambica😀. I’m not much of a self -help reading person as such but since it’s short and crisp as uv mentioned it’s worth giving it a try.

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  3. I’m amazed how much you can still learn from another self-help book despite reading a lot of them already. Great habits are really a need in life as a foundation for a great life.

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  4. I am not a self-help book fan, but recently am reading books like Ikigai and Zen and loving the calm and peaceful feeling. Your review definitely makes me want to pick up this book and read it. Easy and doable habits, the author has seemed to capture in the book.

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  5. I am ordering this book. I love reading self help books they motivate you to live a quality life and reading your review it seems this book is the right one to follow simple techniques to change daily habits.

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  6. It sounds like an interesting book. The habits you mentioned are simple ones. We all know about them but we don’t include them as a part of our life. Thank you for sharing about the book.

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  7. Discipline in life is very important and I advocate for it, but unfortunately I am surrounded with some people who take life so casually with no target or goal … better to say with no dream in life. Selfhelp book is one such segment which always attract me and after reading your review I am going for it and I thank you for the same.

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  8. I regularly practice journalling. I really =feel good as your content contains this practice as one of the features to keep oneself happy and be productive. The line in your review about desires we have in our life and have the life we want, I think everyone will be able to relate to it as we all want this in our life.

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  9. The title of the book is so intriguing. Self-help/ good habit books can offer valuable insights and guidance for personal growth and development, no matter how many you have read. The principles and techniques outlined in this book can be applied in various aspects of your life. Thanks for introducing it to us.

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  10. Interesting book and remind me the Automic Habits. We read, we inspire and we tend to follow. But in reality it will not go beyond a week.😁 But I must say we should try it if we want to change ourselves. Worthy to read the book. Will try as I like to read this kind of books.

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  11. Seems to be a well researched book. I am not a fan of self help books…so not really sure if it would be the right one. But your review is crisp and highlights the best points of the book if one was looking to pick it up.

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  12. This blog is an insightful reminder that small changes can lead to big results. The author’s simple yet effective approach to transforming one’s life is presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, with quotes from notable figures adding depth and inspiration. The habits suggested, such as getting up early, journaling, and living in the present, are all common knowledge, but the author’s emphasis on putting them into practice is what sets this book apart. The reminder to take things slow and to reward oneself for progress is a valuable lesson for anyone looking to streamline their life. Overall, this book seems like a must-read for anyone seeking positive change in their lives.

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  13. I struggle with making habits, and I struggle even more to stick to them. Currently reading Atomic Habits by James Clear at bedtime, to see if it helps. Adding your recommendation to the TBR too, because there is no such thing as enough motivation when it comes to forming and keeping habits (not for me at least 😀 )

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  14. Good habits when continued over a period of time can help bring about huge changes in our mindset and influence our approach and achievements. This seems like a book we must all read.

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  15. I loved to read self help books and somehow I find they are useful too. I already have finished Hyper Focus, Big Magic, Atomic Habits … this book sounds promising, ging to grab it soon.

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