Domino's Pizza

5 QSRs in Delhi To Satisfy Your Hunger Pangs

You can opt for a warm and quick meal at these five quick service restaurants, popularly known as fast food chains, in Delhi and the National Capital Region

1. Domino’s
Domino's Veg Pizza

Pocket-friendly prices, contact less and fast delivery, this is among the most popular pizza chains in the country. There are many varieties of pizzas, from the Vegetarian Extravaganza to Barbecue Chicken. One a soft crust, good amount of veggies and right amount of cheese, it is a good meal. Domino’s has a network of over 1,100 outlets across the country.

Did you know burgers are called fast-food because they can be made in 30 seconds?

2. Carl’s Jr
Carl's Jr

Diverse burgers, that’s the mantra of Carl’s Jr. The California-based chain has been in the business since 1941. Famous for Chargrilled burgers, Hand-Breaded chicken and Hand-Scooped shakes, you can also customise your burger. You can choose a bun from the different breads, ‘with and without cheese option’ is there. And there’s the lettuce-wrapped burger for those who have allergy to gluten. There’s been some customization of the menu for Indian tastes as well with Fenugreek Veggie Sticks. And then there’s Wasabi Sticks.

Headquartered in California, the chain originated out of a humble hot-dog cart in 1941. Carl’s Jr., along with sister brand Hardee’s, and has over 3,600 restaurants across 44 US states and 36 countries.

3. Burger King
Burger King Kids Chicken Burger

At Burger King, the burgers are juicy, crispy and spicy. There are 13 varieties on offer along with Mango and Chocolate Shakes and orange and blue frosties. The standard procedure of making the burger: the buns are put into a machine, come out crispy. In the meanwhile, the box has to be kept open, add the sauce to the crown and put in the juicy veggie patty/chicken patty. Now, add the lettuce/onions and close the buns. Put them in boxes and on the tray. Take your pick from a range of Chicken and veggies with combos and fries and cokes. I liked the Chicken Whopper and the Chicken Tandoori grill.

4. Pita Pit
Pita Pit Sandwich

Famous for fresh made-to-order pita sandwiches, Pita Pit is a Canadian quick service chain. There is a wide range of sandwiches with fresh vegetables, grilled meats, premium spreads and cheeses, along with zesty sauces. You can opt for the health-conscious, yet indulgent, gourmet sandwich or the Pita Pit fork-style (salad).

5. Koyla Kebab
Koyla Kebab

The brainchild of three young men—Amit, Anuj and Girish, Koyla Kebab is where you can see what’s being cooked as you wait with a slim glass of Depaul’s cold coffee. The trio is not making any noise about bending the rules or changing the age old recipes, but offering quality traditional kebabs, rolls and stuffed kulchas along with biryanis. Though they have three ‘shop-in-shop’ outlets for the last years across Saket, GKII, this is their first exclusive outlet.

The menu comprises traditional varieties such as galouti, kakori, boti, kali mirch ka tikka, malai tikka, chicken seekh and they are best enjoyed with some rumali roti. The paneer and mutton stuffed kulchas are on the menu too. There is also a variety for the vegetarians.

Which restaurant would you choose? Do share your views in the comments section.

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  1. Wow, all the above restaurants sounds so tempting. I love pizzas, so Dominos defintely, Burger King gets on to my list too. And Pita Pit sounds great too!

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